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Governor Signs Condominium and Homeowners Association Legislation

June 15, 2017
Jeffrey R. Margolis  |  Condominiums, Homeowners Association, Real Estate, Real Estate Development, Residential Real Estate

Florida Governor Rick Scott signed House Bill 398 into law on June 14, 2017. House Bill 398 addresses estoppel certificates and expands the scope of the current statutory provision.  Specifically, the legislation changes the process and requirements for issuance of estoppel certificates by condominium and homeowners associations as follows: The time[…]

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Drones Are in the Air and "Should Also Be on Associations' Agendas”

April 14, 2017
Jeffrey R. Margolis  |  Condominiums, Drones, home owners associations, Real Estate Development, Residential Real Estate

Drones may be put to use for a variety of purposes including recreational use, videography and photography, inspection of facilities, and safety purposes. In the near future it is likely that drones will be widely used in commercial ventures including delivery of packages to individual residences.  There are so many potential uses for drones that one[…]

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"Frustration" in the Florida Appellate Court: A Commercial Landlord's Battle to Defeat a Tenant's Excuse for Non-Performance

February 20, 2017
Jeffrey S. Wertman  |  Appellate Litigation, Commercial Real Estate, Condominiums, Construction & Design, Construction Litigation, Litigation, Real Estate, Real Estate Development

A recent Florida appellate opinion is likely to have a material impact on how future commercial real estate leases are drafted. Florida landlords wishing to avoid tenants’ defenses for nonperformance based on the doctrines of frustration of purposes, impracticality, or impossibility of performance should now more carefully assess how particular future events can affect a tenant’s performance and assign that risk to tenants in a lease.[…]

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The Rise of Transit Oriented Development

February 17, 2017
Jeffrey R. Margolis  |  Commercial Real Estate, Condominiums, Construction & Design, Environmental, Hospitality & Leisure, Land Use & Zoning, Real Estate, Real Estate Development, Urban Redevelopment

Millennials have now overtaken baby boomers as America’s largest generation, and developers must cater to this segment’s desire for convenience, connectivity and access to the urban core. As density of downtowns grow, mixed use development will emerge in suburban neighborhoods that may be farther out from the city center, but still enjoy the proximity to[…]

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