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State Registration and Reporting Requirements for 55+ Communities Eliminated

July 20, 2020
Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Older Persons

The Florida Fair Housing Act, Sections 760.20-760.37 Florida Statutes (the “Act”), exempts communities that qualify as “Housing for Older Persons” under federal and state law from the provisions and requirements of the Florida Fair Housing Act regarding familial status

Real Estate and Community Association Legislative Update: Tracking New Legislation

June 30, 2020
Jeffrey R. Margolis  |  HOA, Real Estate

CARES Act: Foreclosures and Evictions

May 22, 2020
Jeffrey R. Margolis  |  CARES Act , Real Estate, Foreclosures, Evictions

On March 27, 2020, Congress enacted the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act of 2020 (“CARES Act”), which provides for financial relief due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Real Estate Closings During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Title Insurance Gap Coverage

April 1, 2020
Jeffrey R. Margolis  |  Real Estate, COVID-19, Coronavirus

To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, many clerk and recorder’s offices have announced closures. Some offices are closed to the public, while still allowing mail-in and electronic filing, and others are closed for all filings.

Data Points from Southeast Multifamily Forum

March 26, 2019
Jeffrey R. Margolis  |  Real Estate

The Southeast Multifamily Forum provided the latest market data, analytics and analysis on the Southeast Multifamily Market.  Highlights of the data points presented include the following:

Disclosure of Special Taxing Districts

March 21, 2019
Jeffrey R. Margolis  |  Taxation, Real Estate

My January 23, 2019 post explained that Miami-Dade County was considering an amendment to the Code of Miami-Dade County relating to the disclosures required by a seller of residential property located within a special taxing district. 

Miami-Dade County to Consider Ordinance Requiring Disclosure of Special Taxing Districts

January 23, 2019
Jeffrey R. Margolis  |  Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Taxation

Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners will consider today for first reading an amendment to the Miami-Dade County Code which would require sellers of residential property located within a special taxing district to disclose to buyers that such property is located within a special taxing district and subject to payment of assessments.

Assessing Mixed-Use Projects in Florida in 2019

December 12, 2018
Barry D. Lapides  |  Real Estate, Taxation

The desire for live, work and play lifestyles is not slowing down in Florida as major mixed-use projects are continuing to be developed throughout the state, from Miami Worldcenter to the Cascades Project in Tallahassee. However, the popularity of these mixed-use projects has created a legal conundrum.

Considerations When Buying Contaminated Property

October 16, 2018
Jeffrey R. Margolis  |  Environmental, Real Estate

The availability of large tracts of land on which to build new projects in advantageous locations is shrinking. As a result, there is a growing trend of buyers considering the purchase of properties with unresolved environmental issues that they never would have considered in the past due to, among other things, potential liability, internal risk

The Business of Marijuana and How it Will Affect the Real Estate Market

June 27, 2018
Jeffrey R. Margolis  |  Real Estate

Florida, along with 28 other states, have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. In addition, nine states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for recreational use. The growth of the legal cannabis industry is proving to be big business, not only for growers and sellers, but also for owners of real estate serving the industry. The

Florida State Sales Tax Rate on Commercial Real Property Leases Reduced Further Beginning January, 2019

May 17, 2018
Barry D. Lapides  |  Real Estate

As a follow up to my November 2017 post, the Florida Legislature passed a tax bill (HB 7087) which includes a further reduction in the sales tax rate on commercial leases. As anyone who is involved in leasing commercial real property in Florida is aware, the State of Florida imposes a sales tax on rental payments for the lease of real property. The tax

David Beckham-backed MLS Stadium Can Provide Assist to South Florida Real Estate Market

April 24, 2018
Joshua B. Brandsdorfer  |  Real Estate

As the Miami Heat gear up for the playoffs, the Miami Marlins get ready for Opening Day under new management, and the Miami Dolphins prepare for the NFL Draft, a new Miami sports franchise is still just trying to find a place to call home. This past January, to great fanfare in downtown Miami, Major League Soccer (MLS) officially announced league approval

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