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Why Amazon’s Foray Into the Retail Grocery Space Should Concern Shopping Center Owners and Their Lenders Too

August 29, 2017
Anthony J. Carriuolo  |  Amazon, Commercial Real Estate, commercial real estate, Real Estate, Real Estate, retail, Whole Foods

Just when you thought Amazon couldn’t get bigger, or couldn’t infiltrate your daily life any deeper, it has. Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods is both exciting and troubling.  Exciting, because Amazon already has undertaken significant cost-cutting measures that should reinvigorate interest in shopping at Whole Foods (which was ‘pricey’), and you can[…]

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What Retailers Should Consider During Hurricane Season

June 7, 2017
P. Benjamin Zuckerman  |  Hurricane Preparedness, retail

Everyone in Florida must be prepared for a hurricane. Every person and every business.  All areas of Florida have been “teased” often – being in the forecasted track of the cone of a hurricane – but have been hit infrequently, so the inclination of many may be to ignore the need to prepare.  Critically, however, the repercussions of being hit by a[…]

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