About Our Firm

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Florida’s Business Law Firm

From the Firm’s offices in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and in the state capital of Tallahassee, Berger Singerman serves a diverse client base with a Florida focus and international scope. We regularly practice all over the U.S. and frequently handle matters in Europe, Asia and South America.

Our attorneys are widely recognized as among the best in their respective fields by independent third parties, and many have achieved prestigious positions in industry, the legal community and public service.

We distinguish ourselves not by the size of our Firm, but by our passion for client service. We understand that clients have numerous alternatives when it comes to legal services and that we have to earn your business and referrals each and every day.

In today’s fast paced world, just having the right solution for a given situation isn’t enough. We must provide the right solution efficiently and on a timely basis.

Paul Steven Singerman, Co-Chair

As our clients have grown, so has our Firm and the breadth of our practice. We regularly assist our clients in executing their business goals in Florida, throughout the United States, and internationally.

In our clients’ highly competitive world, we must contribute to the value they create for their stakeholders. Helping our clients prosper is, ultimately, why we exist.

James L. Berger, Managing Partner


Our attorney team members are organized into four teams:

Business Reorganization

Business, Finance & Tax

Dispute Resolution

Government and Regulatory

Berger Singerman attorneys are business lawyers. Attorneys who are attracted to and who succeed at Berger Singerman are passionate about delivering extraordinary client service. That passion is an integral part of our Firm culture, and we demonstrate our commitment to extraordinary client service in a variety of ways, including rewarding our attorneys for exceptional client service, and consistently focusing on “macro business issues”, so we can alert clients about impending legal issues earlier than our competitors can. We further demonstrate this commitment through substantial and consistent investments in technology and state of the art legal and business research tools, and by doing the necessary—whatever it is—to enhance our client service, attorney training, and efficiency.