Fund Formation

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Fund Formation

Our Corporate attorneys serve as counsel to private investment and acquisition funds, fund sponsors, institutional investors, and high net worth individuals in connection with all aspects of fund formation, operation, investments, acquisitions and exits. This includes representation of venture capital, real estate, distressed debt and other investment and acquisition funds.

We counsel our fund clients throughout their fundraising, solicitation and offering phases, advising on the optimal corporate and tax structure for the particular fund, fund manager and investor profile while addressing limitation of liability, tax and regulatory compliance issues.

Our fund formation attorneys represent funds and fund sponsors and managers regarding:

  • Entity selection and structure of the fund and fund manager(s)
  • Agreements with fund manager(s) and investment advisor(s)
  • Preparation of fund (and fund manager) documentation
  • Fund offerings, solicitations and communications (as necessary) with fund investors
  • Corporate, governance, tax and regulatory compliance advice and assistance
  • Fund capital calls, investments, acquisitions, ongoing operations, and exit and liquidity transactions and activities