Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Property

For many businesses and individuals, intellectual property (IP) is critical to their success and security, and their IP is core to their business.  In today’s highly competitive climate where misappropriation of IP has become more rampant, entities must protect their assets and have the means to combat infringement, counterfeiting and other thefts.  

Berger Singerman‘s IP attorneys are experienced in counseling clients across a  broad spectrum of industries and size through the intricate world of IP protection.  The group can assist clients in assessing what assets require protection, including trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets and we can facilitate that protection through registration, licensing, assignments, and other appropriate procedures.   Berger Singerman’s IP group members have substantial experience in advising clients on how to avoid IP conflicts and responding to threats, claims and lawsuits lodged by others concerning alleged violations and infringements of their IP. 

Berger Singerman’s IP group represents clients in a variety of areas affecting IP, including:

  • Patent, Trademark, Trade Dress, and Copyright Protection, Dispute Resolution and Litigation;
  • Licensing and Acquisition of IP;
  • Trade Secret Protection and Nondisclosure Agreements;   
  • Brand Management and Enforcement;
  • False Advertising Disputes; and  
  • IP Due Diligence in Corporate and Bankruptcy Matters