Municipal & Public Entity Restructuring

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Municipal & Public Entity Restructuring

Berger Singerman's Municipal and Public Entity Restructuring practice group features attorneys with deep experience in the operation of governmental entities and in restructuring entities of all kinds. Successfully restructuring the debt of a municipal entity requires skilled legal counsel that not only understands debt restructuring, on both a consensual basis and on a court supervised basis, but also understands how to restructure operations to contribute to an effective resolution of debt obligations.

Berger Singerman is widely recognized as the market leader in restructuring matters. Clients seek our Firm as first choice for both company and creditor related restructuring advice. We endeavor to help our clients resolve these restructurings consensually, without court intervention. However, clients come to us, in part because of our reputation in bankruptcy court, because they share our view that the most effective way to avoid the need to file a bankruptcy case is to be prepared to do so on behalf of our company clients. And for our creditor clients, we consistently help in discouraging companies from filing bankruptcy if doing so would be disadvantageous to the interest of our clients by demonstrating our preparedness to aggressively assert the rights of our clients in the bankruptcy proceedings.

Berger Singerman attorneys have a wide depth of experience in the workings of government, on both a state and local level. Beyond the depth of knowledge that our attorneys have in municipal administrative procedures, we are fortunate to have colleagues who have had hands-on executive responsibility in managing governmental units ranging from very large to relatively modest. Attorneys in the Municipal and Public Entity Restructuring practice group have held positions such as Secretary of Labor for the State of Florida, Executive Director for the South Florida Water District, Mayors of Municipalities, and the Florida Statewide Prosecutor.

Our attorneys understand how restructuring a municipal entity involves an entire realm of public policy issues generally absent from the restructuring of a commercial enterprise. Our attorneys  keeps abreast of the emerging processes by which municipal financial emergencies are being handled in Tallahassee by the Florida Department of Education (for school districts) and the Florida Auditor General (for all other municipal entities).