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New Proposed Regulations Require Disclosure of Foreign Ownership

May 9, 2016
Mitchell W. Goldberg

Has the 90-Day Deadline to Record a Florida Construction Lien Started Ticking?

May 9, 2016
Jeffrey S. Wertman

Over the years, there has been considerable litigation over whether or not a construction lien in Florida has been timely filed. As construction projects increase in number, many expect there to be an escalation in construction lien filings. Construction participants, such as contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, engineers and surveyors, have a short window of opportunity to perfect their construction lien rights. Florida’s Construction Lien Law requires a lienor to record a construction lien within 90 days from the last date that it furnishes labor, services or materials. This deadline is referred to in the lien law as the “final furnishing.”

The Benefit of Requiring an Unhappy Shareholder or Unhappy Member in a Closely Held Business to Sue Derivatively

May 8, 2016
P. Benjamin Zuckerman

So, the aggrieved shareholder or member of a closely held company has brought an action against your clients, the directors or managing members of a closely-held company, claiming, among other things, that your clients breached their fiduciary duty to the company and the aggrieved shareholder or member. The courts have made it clear that this type of claim should have been brought as a derivative claim, not a direct claim.  Should you let it go?

It's Getting Hot in Here: South Florida Hospitality Market

May 1, 2016
Iryna Ivashchuk

Panama Papers Going Public

April 28, 2016
Mitchell W. Goldberg

"Catch-Up" Distributions to Holders of Profits Interest

April 28, 2016
Nick Jovanovich and Morris C. Brown

Florida Supreme Court Changes Landscape for What is Discoverable in an Attorney's Fees Contest

April 12, 2016
Michael J. Higer

New Electronic Voting Rules for Condominiums Bring Association Votes into the 21st Century

March 16, 2016
Jeffrey R. Margolis

Medical Marijuana Bill Presented to Florida Governor

March 14, 2016
Nicole Levy Kushner

On March 7, 2016, the Florida Senate, in a 28-11 vote, approved a House version of a medical marijuana bill (HB 307) which would allow terminally ill patients who are within the last year of their lives to use non-smokable medical marijuana of all strengths and doses.

Beware: You May Not Have a Direct Claim Against Your Bad-Acting Co-Shareholder or Co-Member

March 7, 2016
P. Benjamin Zuckerman

It is inevitable. When co-owners (whether members of a limited liability company or shareholders of a corporation) split-up or reach the split-up point, one inevitably thinks the other or others have wronged him, that the other or others have breached their fiduciary duty to him.  Beware.  Two fairly recent cases from Florida appellate courts make it clear that such claims may not be available.

The California Supreme Court's Decision Permitting Borrowers to Challenge Assignments of Mortgage Should Not Have an Impact Upon Florida

February 21, 2016
Fred O. Goldberg

Post-Westwood Eleventh Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Standing Cases

February 18, 2016
Paul A. Avron and Ilyse M. Homer