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What You Need To Know About Construction Weather Delay Claims

Jeffrey S. Wertman  |  Hurricane Preparedness, Hurricane Season, Construction

Inclement weather particularly tropical storms and hurricanes can have a devastating economic impact on a construction project. There may be labor cost overruns, material cost overruns, equipment rental overruns and disruption of cash flow due to time extensions and interest payments, just to name a few. Planning for and understanding weather delays claims will help construction businesses avoid disputes.

“Less than Expected” Effect on Construction Supply Chain from COVID-19?

June 17, 2020
Stephanie M. Chaissan  |  Construction, COVID-19, New Normal

Like all industries, construction is adapting to the “new normal” – and that likely means something different in each state, city, or municipality.  While some projects, companies, and locales may have been affected “less than expected,” some have felt the full brunt of work stoppages, material shortages, delays, and other effects of the global coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 Construction Site Job Safety Stand-Down

April 15, 2020
Jeffrey R. Margolis  |  Construction, Coronavirus Pandemic, COVID-19

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