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  • Managed hundreds of trademark applications filed with the U.S. Trademark Office. 
  • Achieved confidential settlements in matters involving alleged trademark infringement. 
  • Defeated Summary Judgment motion at Trademark Trial and Appeal Board by demonstrating extensive issues of dispute between the parties. 
  • Convinced the Trademark Office to determine that a mark initially deemed “highly descriptive” had acquired distinctiveness, and was registerable on the Principal Register. 
  • Successfully negotiated a settlement agreement that obligated a junior user to cease use of a mark that was likely to be confused with the client’s mark. 
  • Created policies in line with GDPR regulations for corporations and nonprofits 
  • Successfully defended client in a matter involving a baseless accusation of noncompliance by a website with the ADA by filing a Motion to Dismiss which resulted in the Plaintiff withdrawing the complaint with prejudice. 
  • Created policies for website community management and social media content creation. 
  • Developed process for client to determine whether content creation made fair use of third party images and text. 

Member of Legal Committee for Archive of Our Own, Winner of the Best Related Work Hugo Award, 2019

•    Price Benowitz, LLP
•    Ziglaw
•    Gunster Yoakley
•    Carlton Fields
•    Ruden McClosky
•    Stroock & Stroock & Lavan