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Representative List of Matters:
**Some of these representative matters were handled by current team attorneys prior to joining Berger Singerman

  • Represent Fortune Top 50 client doing business in 15 countries throughout Central and South America in connection with general legal/business compliance issues, FCPA and the adherence to each country’s applicable laws pertaining to unfair trade, anti-monopoly, unfair competition, anti-corruption and anti-bribery.
  • Represented South American subsidiary of international airline in a variety of matters including collecting money owed by an entity in South Florida.
  • Represent foreign investors in inbound real estate transactions across Florida, including in connection with new construction of a condominium involving a local developer, and as it relates to hotel and loan acquisitions.
  • Represent major cruise line in executing marina and port development deals across Caribbean and central/south America.
  • Represent U.S. investors in Caribbean hotel and marina projects.
  • Represent individuals in losses sustained in their investments of closed end funds in Puerto Rico.
  • Represented stakeholder in distressed real estate development in Latin America.
  • Represented horticultural company with U.S. and Latin America operations in restructuring of debt.
  • Represent Latin American investment companies in private equity investment and acquisition fund focusing on technology companies.
  • Represent aviation space/commercial airlines in matters emanating out of Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.
  • Represented U.S. branch of South American bank in Chapter 15 bankruptcy proceedings pending in U.S. of Brazilian meat manufacturer.
  • Represented 3rd largest bank in Portugal in connection with one of the largest bank fraud cases in South Florida history.
  • Represented Latin Parts in connection with the sale of its business to Clover Technologies. Latin Parts was the exclusive distributor of Hewlett Packard spare parts in Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Chile. It had a U.S. affiliate in Miami that warehoused the HP products until they were needed in Latin America. In order to do business in each of the Latin American countries, it was necessary to set up and operate a local company in each country. Those local companies were subsidiaries of a Panamanian holding company, which was an affiliate of the U.S. company.
  • Represented an offshore insurance company which provided medical malpractice insurance to anesthesiologists in the U.S. in connection with the sale of its business to a large U.S. insurance company.
  • Recently involved in the structuring and formation of offshore trusts in the Bahamas.
  • Represented foreign individuals in a variety of transactions involving international tax ramifications, including the formation of trusts prior to their becoming U.S. residents, purchase of luxury items and U.S. assets (including real estate) in tax favorable structures.
  • Represented a foreign client in forming two separate trusts in the Bahamas, which also included the formation of two separate Bahamian international business corporations.
  • Representing a client in Haiti involved in a family dispute concerning shares of companies located in the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands, which companies in turn own Haitian corporations with very substantial assets located in Haiti.
  • Consistently represent a number of foreign clients who have purchased real estate in Florida.
  • Represented a Florida company in the tomato business in connection with a joint venture with a tomato grower in Mexico to grow tomatoes in Mexico and then sell them in the U.S.
  • Represented a Mexican citizen that purchased a television station in Puerto Rico.
  • Represented a Florida heavy equipment manufacturer in connection with distribution agreements and sale of equipment in various countries including Brazil, Dominican Republic and Nigeria.
  • Represented a Bahamian company that purchased a seafood business in the Bahamas owned by a Florida company.
  • Represented major global insurance market participants in significant coverage and extra-contractual claims arising out of major projects or occurrences in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Obtained a dismissal of a high value whistleblower claim by a senior executive claiming violation of Argentine law by a major multinational through motion practice in Florida state court.
  • Obtained the dismissal of a USD 900 million arbitration award brought by a U.S. utility against the Republic of Ecuador.
  • Represented Ecopetrol, the President of the Republic of Colombia and other government officials in a RICO claim that alleged kickbacks in the award of oil exploration and drilling rights with stated damages of more than USD 250 million and obtained dismissal of all defendants through motion practice.
  • Negotiated a significant settlement for our clients after a full hearing arising out of the wrongful termination of a Brazilian power generation agreement.
  • Obtained dismissal with prejudice of claim valued at over USD 1 billion by major construction company against Banco do Brasil after extended appellate proceedings in the U.S. and Brazil.
  • Represented large Spanish and Mexican media companies in multiple shareholder disputes with U.S. partners in U.S. joint venture subsidiary brought in both state and federal court.
  • Regularly counsel U.S. multinationals on exposures under FCPA and other federal and state regulations for activities of foreign partners and supply stream participants.
  • Represented a Florida company in a multimillion dollar arbitration proceeding in the Bahamas arising out of a dispute between the two beneficial owners of the company.
  • Represent a resident of the Philippines sued as a third party defendant by a Bahamian trust company. The matter emanates out of alleged violations of a trust agreements and an offshore business structure.
  • National leader in engineering and architectural consulting services with Puerto Rican operations in its chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring.
  • Official committee of unsecured creditors in chapter 11 bankruptcy case of retailer with a significant presence in Puerto Rico.


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